Industrial Consumables


    Beam Bender

    Front/Back Mirror

    Watt Meter

    ND-Yag Rod

    IR Plate

    Laser diode Module 50W & 75W

    Focusing lens 77mm & 90mm

    Protector Window / Polarizer Plate

    Diamond Color measurement

    Beam Expender

    Laser Safety Goggles

    Beam Profiler

  • Laser Power/Energy Meter Sensor Head

    Thermal Sensors

    Photo Diode Sensors

    Pyro Electric Sensors

    Laser Power/Energy Meter Display Unit



    Star Bright

    Star Light

    Laser Star Single & Dual Channel


    Wireless Interface Quasar

    PC Interface Juno




    EA-1, Eathernet Adapter

    Sapphire Window & other Optics

    Beam Profiler

    Fiber Cable
  • Nozzles, Coupler, Optics, Cables, Washer, cone, break away Plates, Beam Profiler, Power Meter and many more…


  • Helium Neon Laser

    HeCd Lasers

    Laser Power Meter

    Laser Safety Goggles

    Optical Breadboard

    Low cost Optical Table

    X-Y Stage (manual/Motorized)


    CCD camera

    Spatial Light Modulators

    Optics ( Collimating Lenses, Diverging Lens, Mirror, Beam Splitters,

    Optical Filters with filter wheel, Spatial Light Filter, Beam Expanders, microscope objective and many more…)

  • Large Area Solar Simulators

    Climate Chamber Solar Simulator

    IV Characterization System

    Small size Solar Simulator

    Air Mass Filters

    Simultaneous IV measurement of multiple PV Panels system

    Constant Photo Current (CPC) measurement system

    Spectral Response measurement setup

    Quantum efficiency measurement setup

    Reflectivity Measurement of Solar cells/Solar Panels

    Color measurement setup for solar cells/Solar Panels

    Defect measurement in Solar Panels using CCD Camera

    Thermal Camera for crack detection in solar cells

    Photovoltaic panel efficiency measurement setup

    Thin film measurement system

    Replacement lamps for Solar Simulators

    Assembly Line Solar Simulator

    Reference Solar Cell