Infinity Laser & Driver Series

  • » Butterfly Laser Diode Module 

    Butterfly laser Diode Module “INFINITY” is a complete system designed to drive butterfly laser diodes. The system has inbuilt TEC controller and butterfly laser diode targeting the applications where it is not needed to change the laser diode unless it is damaged or aged such as RAMAN or other general spectroscopy applications. It easily drives the inbuilt laser diode sinking up to 1.5A with forward voltage up to 3V. The OEM model can be easily integrated to another system.

    The system come up in three variants:

    The OEM
    The standalone module
    The advanced standalone module

    The standalone module comes in attractive cabinet. A potentiometer is provided on the front panel to change the laser power. The key difference between the standalone and its advanced version is the availability of USB interface in the latter. All the necessary control and monitor functions such as laser diode current, TEC current and voltage etc are availed on PC. The OEM module with very small form factor is available without display and cabinet to suit the purpose where space is a constraints. In OEM type the user need to connect external function generator or DAC/potentiometer to change the laser power


    • Operates in Constant Current mode
    • Controlled locally through potentiometer /touch Screen or Remotely over USB
    • Seven segment /LCD display for current monitor
    • Module with Removable butterfly mount available on request
    • Safety features to save the laser diode and the driver from any accidental or prolonged error/mistake
    • Available in module as well as OEM type
    • Compact, Better Stability and longer life

    Note: The below are the details of the standard OEM module
    Sl NoParameterSpecification
    Current control (constant Current mode)
    1Control range0 to 1.5 A
    2Resolution≤ 5mA
    1Compliance voltage≤ 3 V
    1Current range-1.5A to +1.5A
    2TEC voltage≤ 4 V
    General Specifications
    1Power supply5V/2A
    2Operating temperature0°C ~ 40°C
    3Safety featuresInterlock, Laser Current limit, reverse polarity protection,
    ESD protection, Over Temperature Protection etc.
    4DisplaySeven segment / LCD display is available in
    standalone /advanced standalone Module.
    5Mount for laser diodeThe “INFINITY” module has butterfly laser diode pins
    soldered on PCB and base fixed on heat sink.
    (Replaceable mount for 14 pin Type1 & Type2 butterfly
    laser diode also available on request)
    6PC InterfaceUSB 2.0 for remote access available in advanced version.
    LabVIEW based GUI for PC control and monitor. The USB
    interface can be provided in OEM Module on request
    7Weight75g (OEM module)
    The weight and size will vary when the module is
    coupled with replaceable mount, display and USB interface
    8Dimension (LxWxH)mm60 x 35 x 32
    9Warranty1 Year Std
    As per your requirement, we can also provide the customized Solution

    Technical Brochure

  • » High Power Laser Diode System

    We offer low noise laser diode System from current Range 0-10A with ultra precision resolution. The standalone System come up with 3.5” or higher touch screen OR 4 digit seven segment display , this System can also be operated in remote mode. The safety feature makes the system immune to any accidental changes in electrical Parameters. The system comes with DB15/DB25 interface when External laser diode is interfaced.

    The laser parameters can be easily controlled from the touch Screen display i.e TEC setting ,power control, internal/external Modulation selection. An onboard function generator sine, Triangular and square is available with 1KHz rep rate and can Increased upto 50KHz on user request.


    • Spectroscopy
    • LIDAR
    • Range Finder
    • RAMAN Application
    • Life time measurement
    • Optical Communication
    • Pumping and seeding

    Salient Features

    • Wavelength stabilized Laser Diode Module
    • CW and pulsed operation.
    • Safety features to save the laser diode and the System from any accidental or prolonged error/mistake
    • Compact size for OEM integration into handheld and portable System
    • Better Stability and longer life
    1Output current for laser diode0 - 5A
    2Compliance voltage≤ 3V
    3Temperature coefficient≤ 100 ppm / ºC
    4Long term stability (24 hrs)≤ 100 ppm
    5Noise and Ripple≤ 100 µA rms
    6Driver current limit rangeShall cover the range 5 mA - 5 A
    7Drive current limit resolution≤ 25 mA
    8Drive current limit accuracy≤ +/- 1% of Full Scale
    9Measurement display4 digit (optional:3.5” touch display on user request)
    10Display current range0 - 5000mA
    11Display current resolution≤ 10mA
    12External modulation input impedance≥ 1kOhm
    13Modulation bandwidth (3dB)≥ 1kHz
    14Modulation input connectorBNC
    15Trigger o/p connector3.3V trigger o/p available on SMA connector to trigger
    an external system with respect to laser diode
    16Chassis groundThe enclosure is grounded as soon as the system is
    connected to 220V supply through wall outlet
    17Remote InterfaceUSB 2.0
    18Software packageLabVIEW based GUI for PC controlled remote operation
    19Power requirements220 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz
    20Operating temperature10 ºC - 40 ºC
    21Safety features(for laser diode)Over voltage, reverse polarity, shorting relays, key switch
    interlock, current limit, over temperature protection, ESD protection.
    22Other featuresFilter circuitry for 220V AC and the necessary dc circuit within,
    pad/vias/heat sinks on the pcb for thermal management, soft start,
    over voltage protection for internal/external modulation,
    CW and pulsed operation.
    23Dimensions<270 x <125 x <325 mm (WxHxD)
    24Weight< 7 kg
    25AccessoriesPower supply cord, SMA to BNC connector, BNC to BNC connector
    and other necessary cable with mating connector

    Technical Brochure

  • » High Speed PLDD Module
    More Coming Soon!
  • » High Speed PLDD (OEM)

    The INFINITY PLDD 50-100 is a small and inexpensive source for driving pulsed laser diode and generating programmable nanosecond pulses. The device is operated through PC over USB 2.0.It also operates in single shot. Compatible laser diode packages: TO-18, TO-5, TO-52, 5.6 mm, 9 mm and similar. Despite its small size, the INFINITY PLDD 50-100 is designed for ease of use. A single 15V DC supply is all which is required for operation.


    • Measurements
    • LIDAR
    • Ignition
    • Range finding
    • Biochemistry

    Salient Features

    • Compact OEM module
    • 3 to 50 A output current
    • < 5 ns rise time
    • Internal programmable trigger pulse with pulse width control through PC via USB 2.0 (15 ns to 10 µs) with 15ns resolution. The rise/fall time of the pulse generated being <2ns
    • Current monitor
    Sl No.ParameterSpecification
    1Output current3-50 A
    2Max. output voltage100 V
    3Internal high voltage0-100 V/1 A/15 W
    4Rise timeTyp. 3 ns
    5Trigger delayTyp. 36 ns
    6Min. pulse duration8ns (EXTERNAL TRIGGER)
    7Max. pulse duration> 1 µs (@ 50 A)
    > 10 µs (@ 5 A )
    8Trigger rangeSingle shot to 1 MHz
    9 Trigger input5V(internally terminated to 50R)via SMA-jack
    10Trigger outputGalvanically isolated
    Rogowski coil
    11Current monitor20 A/V into 50R via SMA-jack
    12Supply voltage15V, 2.2 A
    13Max. power dissipation25 W
    14Dimensions in mm95 x 64 x 40
    16Operating temperature0 to +55 °C
  • » Low Power Laser

    More Coming Soon…!!!

    Safety Features:

    • Inter Lock
    • Laser Current Limit
    • Short Circuit When Laser off
    • Laser Over Voltage Protection
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • ESD Protection
    • Over Temperature Protection

    Sl No.ParameterSpecification
    1Output Power0-100mW
    2Mode TransmissionCW
    3Forward Current800-1100mA
    4Forward Voltage2.5V
    5Threshold Current50-70mA
    6Center Wavelength1550nm
    7Spectral Width5-9nm
    8Monitor Current40-1000µA
    9PD Dark Current0.1µA
    10Cooler Voltage2.7V
    11Cooler Current1.4A
    12Extinction Ratio17dB
    1Control Range0-1.2A
    2TEC Control Range1.5 + 1.5A
    3Power Supply Adopter5V/3A
    4Operation temp.0-4°C
  • » High Precision CW & Pulse Laser Diode Driver

    We offer low noise laser diode driver from current Range 0-1500mA with ultra precision . The standalone System come up with 3.5-5” touch screen display. This driver can also be operated in remote mode. Along with CW ,the driver can also be operated in pulsed mode.The safety feature makes the system immune to any accidental changes in electrical Parameters.

    The laser parameters can be easily controlled locally from the touch Screen display i.e TEC setting, power control, internal/external Modulation selection

    Safety Features:

    • Operates both in CW mode and pulsed mode; current up to 500mA in CW, 1500mA in pulsed mode
    • User-set pulse width from 2ns to CW, 1Hz to 4MHz repetition rate.
    • Integrated pre-configured butterfly mounting sockets.
    • Integrated TEC temperature controller.
    • USB interface, includes programming tools software suite, DLL library, Labview GUI.
    • Built-in pulse generator and remote triggering.
    • Compact size: 210 x 196 x 112 mm

    1Driver Unit OperationOperate in both CW and pulsed mode
    2Laser Driver Current0-1500mA (Pulsed Mode), 0-500mA (CW Mode)
    3Forward Current Resolution~0.25mA
    4Offset DC current0-150mA
    5Offset Current Setting Resolution0.036mA
    6Pulse Width, Internal Modulation0.2-510ns
    7Pulse Width Resolution, Internal Modulation 2ns for >10ns pulses
    8Modulation Frequency, Internal Modulation1Hz-4MHz
    9Frequency Resolution, Internal Modulation1Hz
    10Delay After Trigger, Ext/Int mode70ns typical for 0-10ns pulses; 85 ns for >10ns pulses
    11Delay After Trigger, Ext/Ext mode<30ns
    12Modulation Input Level, terminated by 50Ohm2.2-3.3V
    13ync Out Level, terminated by 50Ohm   2.2-3.3V
    14BNC Peak Power Adjustment0-5V (input impedance 47kOhm)
    15Temperature Control Range15-50deg. C
    16Display:5 inch touch display to operate the driver  locally
    17Power Input15 V dc
    18Safety featuresInterlock key switch, over current and voltage protection, soft start,
    temperature control etc.
    19FeaturesIntegrated Pre-configured butterfly mounting (Type-1) socket.
    Integrated TEC temperature Controller
    Built-in Pulse generator and remote triggering
    Power Alarm and Temperature Alarm Indicator
    20PC InterfaceUSB 2.0 (Labview based GUI)
    21Cable Assembly Compatible cable of 1 meter length for monitor Synchronization output signal.
    Cable have SMA connector on one end and clips on other end.