Molecular & Elementary Analyzer

  • Raman System


    » High Performance

    ltb provides powerful high-resolution echelle spectrometer for the material and elemental analysis with LIBS and Raman spectroscopy in industry and science.  These have very high resolution and optical throughput for the production and quality control of diode and solid state lasers isotope spectroscopy. read more


    Confocal-raman» Confocal Raman

    Raman microscopy couples a Raman spectrometer to a standard optical microscope, allowing high magnification visualisation of a sample and Ramananalysis with a microscopic laser spot. Raman microscopy is easy: simply place the sample under the microscope, focus, and make a measurement.



    Desktop-raman» Desktop Raman

    Raman spectroscopy is especially useful for reaction monitoring, product identification, remote sensing and the characterization of highly scattering particulate matter in aqueous solutions. AvaRaman-TEC series spectrometers have a three-stage Peltier cooling systems, which provides ΔT down to -30°C cooling to ambient for superior dark noise reduction, keeping the detector at a steady 5°C. read more


  • LIBS

    LIBS» Ltb High Performance LIBS 

    LTB Lasertechnik Berlin possesses many years of technological expertise and extensive knowledge of material analysis with LIBS. Their application laboratories provide various LIBS metrology setups for detailed sample analysis. The perfect solutions that meet individual customer needs – from modular LIBS measuring systems for laboratory use to inline process monitoring for industrial applications. They offer expert advice, complete planning and technological know-how for realization of the project. read more


    Portable-LIBS-system» Portable LIBS System

    Induced - Breakdown - Spectroscopy Avantes offers the AvaLIBS modules. We choose the number of AvaSpec spectrometers (up to 8), the number of axis in sample chamber and the layout. Also we can even connect our own laser to the system or order one of the high-quality, affordable YAG-lasers that Avantes offers. read more


    Hand-Held-LIBS» Hand Held LIBS

    The Z-300 is revolutionary. It’s the most portable, high performance LIBS analyzer ever created. Its advanced technology includes a stacked, high resolution spectrometer that spans from 190 nm – 950 nm, thus covering the emission lines for every element from H to U. The spectrometer can be operated in either gated or ungated mode. It uniquely features an on-board argon purge to deliver higher-precision, quantitative results; laser burst surface cleaning and rastering to eliminate grinding or surface prep and improved accuracy. The Z’s Android-based operating system is as friendly and intuitive as a Smartphone, and it supports numerous analytical Apps for a variety of sample types.
    Spectrometer range: 190 nm – 950 nm. read more


    Hamamatsu Photonics have ultra-small FTIR engine, a fingertip-sized device that combines a Michelson interferometer with an optical fiber guide for an infrared detector element. To promote the possibilities of this device for new applications, it will be packaged as a small, inexpensive FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectrometer module that can be built into instruments. read more

  • hand-held-X-ray-Fluorescence-Analyzer» Hand Held X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF)

    The X was developed from our decades of XRF design and manufacturing experience. Weighing barely 3 lbs, its lightning fast, and can be used all day long without fatigue. For example 90% of all alloys can be identified in 1 second with excellent precision. With the exception of aluminum alloys, no test requires more than 3 seconds. And Visibility? The X features the latest 5″ Smartphone display for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. read more

  • THZ-spectroscopy» THZ spectroscopy

    THz radiation is a fast growing area of research due to its non-ionising nature and transparency to many materials. Combined with time domain spectroscopy, it can provide information on the samples effect on amplitude and phase of the radiation, thereby providing more information than other spectroscopic techniques. So laser quantum provides two systems HASSP-Thz, Tera-SED. read more