Optical Sensing System Elements

  • Optical-sensor

    » Optical Sensor from Hamamatsu

    A wide variety of optical sensors are available for research, industry on the basis of different consumer applications. Depending upon the applications like measurement of photon in dark can be performed using MPPC, PMT.  Electron tube detectors & Opto-semiconductor detectors are available. read more


  • PhotoniQ-Data-Acquisition-Systems» PhotoniQ Data Acquisition Systems

    High Performance Instruments for PMTs, APDs, and SiPMs
    Vertilon offers a wide variety of data acquisition systems to fit the needs of virtually any application requiring data collection from multiple optical sensors. Systems range from economical two channel DAQs that are field expandable to up to eight channels, to 64 channel units for use with some of the latest multi-element devices.
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