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    The UV Blaster tower is useful for disinfection of highly touch surfaces like electronic equipment’s, computers, furniture’s and other gadgets in laboratories and offices that are not suitable for chemical disinfection method. The product is effective for hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, metros, factories. This product is not designed for human disinfection.

    UV-Blaster is based on DRDO Technology which is engineered & manufactured by New Age Instruments and Materials Private Limited, Gurugram.

    This system is effective in disinfecting a room of about 12×12 feet dimension, the disinfection time is about 10 minutes, while for a 400 square feet area, it would take 30 minutes by positioning the equipment at different places within the room.

    The UV-Blaster has inbuilt 360˚ Sensor for human safety, it also have Audio & Visual Safety Alarm, if any humans accidentally enters the room then system will automatically shut down within second for safety.
    The UV-Blaster Disinfection is so versatile that it can disinfect a 12 x 12 feet room in 10 minutes. The built-in timer is programmed in hours and minutes. You can customize sanitization time depending on the size of the room. The system can be controlled remotely via Android & Windowed based operation.
    The UV-Blaster has inbuilt memory to store log information to help security auditing of disinfection to cross checked whether the room was disinfected or not plus who did the cleaning , it will also create a record of abrupt human entry happened during disinfection record , by looking at the memory log of date/time user can ensure the room is disinfected or not and when again the disinfection cycle needs to be performed.
    UV Blaster is designed for the purpose of disinfecting most pathogens including SARS –COV2, corona family of viruses & other harmful bacteria ‘s in closed premises . This system uses UVC lights to deactivate the DNA of bacteria and RNA of viruses with minimal human intervention. The system will help in chemical free and rapid disinfection of high infection prone areas.


    • Nursing Homes, Clinic
    • Outpatient Surgery Centers
    • Physicians Offices, Ambulance
    • Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms
    • Testing Laboratories, Operation Theater
    • Ventilator Clinics & Kennels
    • Passenger Flights & Bus, Train & Metro
    • Airport, Metro Station & Banks
    • Schools-Classrooms, Food Processing
    • Detention Centers, Homeless Shelters
    • Shopping Complex, Movie Theaters & Malls
    • Hotel Rooms, Lockers Rooms & Restaurant

    Sl No.ParameterSpecification
    1Total UV Output250 Watts
    2UV Tube6 Nos
    3OperationAndroid / Windows
    4Connectivity≥ 100 Meter Wireless*
    5Current220 VAC, 50Hz
    6Power Consumption800 Watts
    7Lamp Life10000 Hours
    8DimensionH 1900 x L 500 x W 400 mm
    9Weight≤ 35 Kgs
    * Note: up to 100 meter available on request.

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  • UV-Blaster» UV Blaster Box

    UV lamps are optimally placed to eliminate blind spots and corners and walls are smooth to ensure easy cleaning. Stainless steel surfaces naturally reflect UV radiation to ensure contents are fully irradiated from all directions.

    The operator is protected from UV radiation by safety controls to ensure that lamps cannot be activated until the cabinet door is securely closed.


    • Papers & Files
    • Groceries
    • Clothes & Textiles
    • Educational Material
    • Plastic & Metals
    • Jewelry & Ornaments
    • Mechanical tools
    • Electronics Device
    • Medical Tools
    • Beauty Tools


    Operating Voltage230 VAC
    2Power40-80 W
    3Frequency50 Hz
    6Wavelength254 nm Peak
    8Weight~ 7.5 kg
    9Dimension~ 685x430x500 mm
    10Body MaterialPowder Coated MS
    11SafetyInbuilt 2-3 layers of safety,
    Turn off UV light when door will open
    Note: At the time of supply, final design can be modified. Other specs will be same as quoted.

    Technical Brochure

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