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Features: Research grade Sensitivity User Controllable Laser Power Compact Design Available with various wavelength 325nm,532nm,633nm,785nm Applications: Pharmaceutical Materials Science Biomedical Semiconductor Gemology Agriculture An Automated Micro Raman Spectrometer with high research grade confocal compound microscope, a large focal length 328mm Spectrograph equipped with gratings , multichannel detector, multiple Laser excitation […]

Micro Raman Spectrometer Model: NAµRAMS-01

» Low Power Laser We offer Low Power & Highly Stable Laser source for a broad wavelength Range of Industrial, Commercial & Scientific Application. We can also offer a Complete & Customize Solution for different Application on customer request. Safety Features: • Available Wavelength: 1550nm, 1310nm, 808nm, 532 nm ,785nm, […]

Low Power Laser

» High Precision CW & Pulse Laser Diode Driver The INFINITY ultra precision 1500mА low noise laser diode controllers with butterfly ZIF mounting sockets are designed to power and control the butterfly packaged devices.The driver can be controlled locally through touch screen or remotely via PC.A user friendly GUI is […]

High Precision CW & Pulse Laser Diode Driver