Lumen Light Source

Multi Channel LED LUMEN Light Source and LCx Driver are designed as an illumination source. A wide range of Wavelength to choose from Deep UV to till Far IR and Multi-Channel LED driver (4 /8 Channel) make complete unit user friendly. User has freedom to select source power, internal delay, […]

Multi Channel LED with Controller

LED Cluster with Controller New age instruments provides ready-to-use high-power LED light sources with integrated heat sinks and collecting optics (optional). Compact high-power light sources are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. The mechanical housing of light source contain multiple mounting features for […]

LED Cluster with Controller

Xenon Flash Lamp Module (Portable) More Details Coming Soon…!!! Application Blood analyzers Laboratory testing Air pollution analysis Water quality and pollution analysis Microplate readers Fluorescence Spectrophotometers Semiconductor inspections Light source for image processing

Xenon Flash Lamp (Portable)