Seeker Detector Module

Balanced Photodetector The Balance PIN Photodiode Module is the detector consisting of two Silicon PIN photo-detectors with the amplification circuit in a single case with adjustable Gain. The slim housing allows the module to slip into tight optical setup. The module comes with balanced PIN Photodiode & two internal battery […]

Balanced Photodetector

Position Sensing Detector Module PSD Module contains a high-precision two-dimensional PSD (position sensitive detector) and a low-noise amplifier, and is able to perform accurate Position measurement. Using a PSD module with a dedicated signal processing unit allows obtaining distance information easily. Application Optical position and angle sensingy Remote optical control […]

PSD Module

APD Module APD module is compact system which has Avalanche type detection with adjustable gain and very low noise .It is designed keeping in mind the users that are interested in some applications like Range Finders, Long range Fiber Optic Telecommunication, Quantum Sensing Application Range Finders Telecommunication Quantum Sensing Salient […]

APD Module

PMT Module Light detection technology is powerful tool & Photo multiplier Tube is Photodetector that has an exceptionally fast response time. For Nondestructive Analysis of Substance, High Speed Properties and Extremely High detection we have designed PMT Module. It is widely being used in High Energy Physics, Medical Diagnosis, Spectroscopy […]

PMT Module

PIN Photodiode The PIN Photodiode Module is designed keeping in mind the users that are interested in high level research in optical & Analytical field .The Smart is covering wide spectrum (300-1100nm). Application Optical Measurements Analytical Instruments Salient Features High Trans-impedance Gain Bandwidth : DC to 30MHz Rise Time/ Fall […]

PIN Photodiode