ERA-SM-C core

ERA-SM-C core

The ERA-SM–C core is produced with the latest automated production technology, providing excellent unit-to-unit reproducibility and temperature stability. These are the key solution for OEM customers for reliable integration into their products. It’s Easy to take anywhere you like.


  • Spark Monitoring of HV electrical appliances
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence Measurement
  • Irradiance Measurement
  • LIBS and Plasma Monitoring
  • Color Measurement
  • Laser Spectra test

Salient Features

  • Handly & Compact Size of a dack of cards
  • BLight Weight
  • Crossed czerny-Turner optical design
  • Wavelength Range & Slit are user Selectable
  • High Resolution & Low Stray light
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1DesignCrossed Czerny-Turner
2Focal length40 mm input, 60 mm output
3Slit10um/25um/50um/100um/200um (User Selectable)
5Grating300 l/mm, 600 l/mm, 1200 l/mm, 2400 l/mm
6Blaze wavelength*250nm,300nm,400nm,500nm750nm,800nm,1000nm
7Fiber Optic ConnectorSMA 905
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1Detector typeCMOS Linear Array
2Pixel4096 Pixels/2048 Pixel
3Pixel Size7 um * 200 um
4Pixel well depth100,000 electrons
5Detector Range200 – 1100nm
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1Wavelength range*200 – 1100nm (User Selectable)
2Resolution**0.1 – 10 nm**
3S/N300 :1 (at full Signal)
4A/D conversion16 bit
5Dark Noise50 rms Count
6Stray Light0.04-0.1%, Depends on the grating
7Integrating time1 msec to 65 sec
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1Dimension80 mm x 63.5 x 35 mm
2Weight< 200 grm
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1Power Consumption250 mA @ 4VDC
2Data transfer Speed5 ms/scan
3Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0