Mini Spectrometer

The ERA SM MINI module includes Hamamatsu C12880MA Micro spectrometer .ERA SM MINI breakout board is compatible with Arduino micro-spectrometer. The C12880MA Spectrometer is used to detect wavelengths of light and their intensities. This sensor is the successor to the C12666MA spectrometer and offers a greater spectral range and resolution.


  • Spectroscopy
  • Color detection
  • Biometry
  • Tester for lights, Led, etc.
  • Food inspection


  • Plug and Play connection with Arduino (UNO & MEGA boards only).
  • Separate controller board is also provided that is replacement of Arduino.
  • Option for Led Intensity / Brightness control.
  • Very Compact Design.
  • Violet/Blue 20Mw Laser Diode.
S. No.ParameterSpecification
1Wavelength Detection Range340 - 850 nm
2Detector Type CMOS
3Spectral Resolution 15nm
4Entrance slit aperture Size 50 x 500 um
5Number of Pixels 288
6Sensitivity High
7Hermetic Package High reliability against humidity
8Temperature Range +5 to +50°C
9Power Input 5V
10Weight (g) 18 g
11Dimension (mm) 52 X 28 X 33