Era SM Multi channel Spectrometer

Era SM Multi channel

ERS SM Multichannel is designed to High Resolution spectroscopy while covering wide Spectral raneg:

Why ERA-SM Multichannel ?

For performing High Resolution & Broad Bandwidth applications New Age has designed a solution where user can cover the wide wavelength range of their desired with High resolution.


If a user is having a application based on Plasma measurement & his working spectral range is 200 to 1100 nm. User is expecting results at every 0.6 nm then it is not possible to have this resolution with a single channel spectrometer. User can choose option for Multichannel Spectroscopy where he has option to choose multiple gratings to cover large Bandwidth with High resolution.

Combination of two or more than two (up to 16 Channels) spectrometer in one complete unit which will have a common GUI & Internal Processor. Output of each channel of spectrometer is synchronized both by Software as well as by Hardware.

Pairs can be choosen from UV VIS NIR IR & MIR models. ERA CORE is also available in this mode. All the other specification remain same as the basic models.


  • Plasma spectral analysis
  • Soil pollution analysis
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Food safety analysis
  • Biological analysis

Salient Features

  • High resolution
  • Customized the quantity of channels and spectral range
  • Include synchronous delay device
  • Internal/ external control mode
  • Suitable for Spectral Analysis and LIBS software