HawkRaman Microscopic


The Hawk Raman Micro System is designed keeping in mind the users that are interested in micron level spatial resolution of their raman sample.This system can provide analysis on very small feature of their sample. To align the sample, manual XYZ Translation stage along with sample viewing camera is provided for measurement. The Hawk Raman Micro has an option to couple research grade microscope objective from 10X to 100X as per user requirement.

HawkRaman Microscopic


  • Actionable Identification of illicit substances
  • Non-Destructive identification of Narcotic, Drug explosives (Pre and Post Blast) & Precursors.
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Identification
  • Identification of Gems, Diamonds and other Geological and Biological Samples
  • Chemical and Hazmat Site Evaluations/Forensics
  • Manufacturing Process material validation


  • Look, measure, and act –within seconds
  • Sampling Accessories for Almost Any Environment
  • Intuitive Software for Technical & Non-technical Users
  • Inbuilt display & processor
  • Library Matching Capabilities
  • On board health monitoring of entire system
  • Variable Laser Power-Up to 500mW with 0-100% through Software
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Communication for remote control of the system from safer distance
Sl No.ParametersHawk Raman Microscopic
Excitation Laser*532nm, 633nm, 785nm, 830nm
2Laser power*0-500mW



100cm-1 - 3200cm-1

5Detector typeCCD/CMOS
7Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0/3.0
8Microscopic objective*10X-100X
10Inbuilt batteryOptional
11Weight<6 Kgs
12Operating temp0-40°C
* As per customer requirement