HawkRaman TE-Cooled


We are offering TEC Raman for demanding applications like Pharmaceutical analysis of samples where higher exposure time are required, a cooled sensor (Δ65°C) helps in giving excellent signal to noise ratio making it possible to measure even the slightest Raman signals and detect subtle sample differences.

HawkRaman TE-Cooled


  • Actionable Identification of illicit substances
  • Non-Destructive identification of Narcotic, Drug explosives (Pre and Post Blast) & Precursors.
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Material Identification
  • Identification of Gems, Diamonds and other Geological and Biological Samples
  • Chemical and Hazmat Site Evaluations/Forensics
  • Manufacturing Process material validation


  • Look, measure, and act –within seconds
  • Sampling Accessories for Almost Any Environment
  • Intuitive Software for Technical & Non-technical Users
  • Inbuilt display & processor
  • Library Matching Capabilities
  • On board health monitoring of entire system
  • Variable Laser Power-Up to 500mW with 0-100% through Software
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Communication for remote control of the system from safer distance
Sl No.ParametersHawk Raman Cooled
1Excitation Laser*532nm, 633nm, 785nm, 830nm
2Laser power*0-500mW



100cm-1 - 3200cm-1

5Detector typeCCD/CMOS
6CooledYES (Δ65°C)
7Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0/3.0
9Inbuilt BatteryOptional
10Weight<8 Kgs
11Operating temp0-40°C
* As per customer requirement