High Precision CW & Pulse Laser Diode Driver

» High Precision CW & Pulse Laser Diode Driver

The INFINITY ultra precision 1500mА low noise laser diode controllers with butterfly ZIF mounting sockets are designed to power and control the butterfly packaged devices.The driver can be controlled locally through touch screen or remotely via PC.A user friendly GUI is provided to control and monitor the laser diode parameters from PC.The driver is designed with multiple layers of built-in protection to ensure the safety of laser diode.

Safety Features:

  • Operates in Constant Current
  • Controlled Locally with Touch Screen GUI or Remotely via USB 2.0
  • 1.5 Amp Current Source,TEC Controller with Butterfly Mount.
  • Advanced Laser Diode Protection: Soft-Start Current Ramp, Current Limit, Temperature Limit,reverse polarity protection,ESD protection etc.
1Current Control:Constant Current Mode
Control Range:0 to 1.5 A
Compliance Voltage>4V
Resolution <100 µA
Output current noise: <50 µA
Temperature Coefficient <50 ppm/°C
Current setting Range:10 mA to 1.5 A
2TEC parameters:
ТЕС output current: ±3А
Compliance Voltage>3V
TEC output current ripple: 2 ~ 10mА
TEC feedback sensor: 10 kOhm Thermistor.
Temperature Resolution <1°C
Temperature control range: +15 to +40 °C.
3Modulation i/p:Upto 1kHz.
4Trigger o/p:3.3V o/p available at SMA conector whenever laser diode crosses its threshold voltage.
5External control:BNC connector provided to control the laser diode current from external function generator.
6nternal function generator:On board function generator with DC,sine,triangle and square wave o/p.
7LASER DIODE PROTECTIONSoft-Start Current Ramp,Current limit,temperature limit,reverse current protection,ESD and transient protection.
8Laser diode voltage monitoring parameters:
Laser diode Overvoltage Protection:Trip Voltage 4.2V(Typical).
Laser diode Voltage Measurement resolution<10mV
9Display:4.2" or higher colour LCD to control the driver locally.
10Remote operation:
PC interface:USB 2.0
Software:User friendly Labview based GUI.
11Socket for Laser diode: Butterfly ZIF mounting sockets.
12Power supply:
Desktop Power Supply(Line Voltage/Line Frequency)requirement:100 to 240 V ± 10%(AC)/47 to 63 Hz.
Power supply adapter(DC): 15V/3.5 A
13Operating Temperature:0 to +40 °C.
14Dimensions(WxHxD):130mm x 85mm x 190mm.

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