• High power laser for research & industry

    Laser Gain Modules» High Power Diode arrays & Diode Modules

    CEO offers a full line of laser diode products including: laser bars, sub mounts , complete laser diode packages, CW and QCW laser gain modules, configurable for resonator and amplifier designs, they are ideal for DPSS laser systems,they also offers versatile OEM high powered diode drivers and laser system controllers.The DPSS lasers are well suited for a variety of commercial, industrial like diamond cutting and military / aerospace applications. read more


    Diode-Laser-&-Arrays» Diode Laser for welding, Brazing, Heat conduction welding, Plastics welding, Cladding, Hardening

    TRUMPF is building the world’s most powerful diodes Laser having  power from 150 – 6000 watts. The diode modules are combined using polarization mode coupling and wavelength coupling for higher power outputs. The high quality of each module is the basis of the total laser quality. read more



    Disk-laser» Disk Laser

    TRUMPF is building the world’s most powerful fiber-guided disk lasers, with laser powers of up to 16 kilowatts* and beam qualities of ≥ 2 mm•mrad,. The latest generation of diode-pumped lasers has an efficiency of over 30% and could therefore result in very low operating costs in your production. The laser light cable diameter of ≥ 50 µm enables countless applications in processes involving cutting, welding, remote welding, laser metal deposition and further surface treatments. The disk laser’s outstanding beam quality enables large working distances and applications with narrow focusing optics. read more

  • Fiber Laser

    Disk-laser» High Power Fiber Laser 

    Trumpf provide TruFiber model that can achieve a typical focus diameter of 10 to 50 µm. The resulting high power density at the work piece translates to high processing speeds. That’s the key to high productivity.

    During precision cutting, the optional Cutassist module supports the user. It fits the laser parameters to the cutting speed completely automatically, giving the best cut quality and maximum productivity. The laser power is controlled in real-time and with the built-in frequency generator it can be modulated with up to 50 kHz (TruFiber 500) and up to 10 kHz (TruFiber 1000). read more

  • CO2-laser» CO2 Laser


    TruFlow lasers are characterized by their well thought-out and mature design, and also by their undisputed long service life and reliability. Through its further development spanning decades, the laser was technically perfected. This also requires a very well established service network. The laser process is very stable, productive and produces little spatter. read more


  • Dpss-Laser» Dpss Laser


    Laser quantum manufacture lasers for scientific research and OEM integration with high specifications, exceptional reliability, compact size and long lifetimes. They offer a range of wavelengths, powers and characteristics making them suitable for many different applications. The lasers are namely tau, gem etc. and have output in visible IR region. read more

  • Narrow-linewidth-laser» Narrow Line Width Laser


    The ventus solo etc has been specifically designed for Raman spectroscopy. The narrowed line width, benefits of the stability and robustness of the laser with increased resolution capability required by modern Raman instruments. read more

  • High-power-narrow-line-width-laser» High Power Narrow Line Width Laser


    ALS lasers are high power, high brightness fiber lasers operating on the zero phonon line of Yb3+ ions. Based on patented technology using advanced active fibers technologies and a smart architecture system design, our fully integrated laser platform offers diffraction limited output powers up to 50 W in the infrared range and up to 10W in the visible range. read more

  • Ultrafast Laser

    Femto-second-laser» Femto Second Laser

    We provide femto-second laser technology with high repetition rates upto 1Ghz and application based systems. Such high rep rate offer unique capabilities and benefits to a wide variety of applications. Depending upon frequency comb, Ghz, Mhz rape rate: taccor Lasers,gigajet Oscillators, venteon Laser Systems etc are available. read more


    Picosecond-laser» Picosecond Laser

    We provide systems working in picoseconds range depending upon the repetition rate
    Rep rate 0.5-1 kHz: For this rep rate we have laser with pulse energy 1-100mj
    Rep rate 35-120 kHz: for higher rep rate these are also available with high power output up to 30W. read more


    Rep-rate-25khz-to-1mhz» Continuous  Variable Rep Rate 25KHz to 1MHz Nano to Pico Second laser

    We are offering continuously tunable pulse duration from 600 ps to 4 ns and repetition rates from 25 kHz up to 1 MHz. The short pulse duration, high repetition rates combined with over 300kW peak power give high speed, permanent black/color marking on a variety of metals, thin film coating and thermal sensitive materials. The single mode beam quality picosecond pulses with over 300kW peak power open up a variety of micromachining applications such as Li-Ion battery foil cutting, resistor trimming and marking of transparent material. The laser is completely controlled via an industry standard digital interface with optional DB25 or RS-232.

    YSL provides 4ns to 100 ps output laser with the high average power of 20W having peak power at 300kW. read more


  • Argon-laser» Argon LaserThe Argon Laser uses noble gas in an active medium and we are a profound supplier of Argon Laser for our highly respected clients. Operating Wavelength of Argon Laser is 488 nm & 514.5 nm or tunable with power ranging from 10mW to 20 W. It is used for Retinal Photo-therapy, Lithography, Raman Spectroscopy & Microscopy, Fiber Bragg Grating Production, Forensic Medicine and pumping other Lasers etc. The air-cooled, compact, and economical design makes our Argon Laser ideal for integration into a wide range of instrumentation. It includes tunable Argon and Argon-Krypton lasers with long tube life, great stability, and high efficiency, and maintenance-free output power and stability. We provide customized laser depending upon the applications.

    We provide complete laser system sets with power supply and laser package.

  • He-Ne-lasers» He-Ne LasersWe are offering most reliable and broadest line of Helium Neon laser available. These include 633 nm Red (standard and high power models), 543 nm Green, 594 nm Yellow, 612 nm Orange, 1.15, 1.52 micron or 3.39 micron Infrared or our Multi-Line and Frequency/Intensity Stabilized lasers.

    Our High Power Red HeNe Laser at 632.8 nm provides TEM00 mode and is available in linear polarization with a power level of 35 mW. This is one of the most powerful HeNe lasers available.

    • Optimized cavity mirror performance and quality
    • Excellent power and thermal stability due to robust tube design
    • Low beam pointing drift
    • New! CE compliant
    • Integrated power supply – universal input

    When you need HeNe lasers renowned for their reliability, excellent lifetimes and resistance to retro-reflection….. then Think of New Age Instruments.

  • DFB-laser» DFB Laser


    Eblana Photonics supplies single wavelength Laser Diodes for Sensing, Metrology & Communications applications across a wide range of NIR wavelengths.

    All of our single mode diode lasers exhibit superior line width properties compared to typical DFB lasers and our wavelength range extends from 690nm to 2150nm. We can quickly deliver custom lasers at specific wavelengths in a range of package formats. We also supply Fabry Perot lasers in a range of wavelengths and are the supplier of choice for the high volume fibercomms industry. read more

  • Tuneable-laser-source» Tuneable Laser Source


    YSL Photonics provides high power supercontinuum source with enhance visible content. It delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 400nm to 2400nm with over 8W total power. Output is fiber coupled so this can be used in applications like fluorescence, nanophotonics, flow-cytometry, OCT and etc. The wide spectrum combined with laser beam quality makes it an ideal source for replacing traditional broadband source like lamp, LED, SLED or any number of laser lines in the system. read more

  • Quantum Cascade Laser

    Very-Low-Power» Very Low Power QCL’s

    These lasers are able to emit a single wavelength at a time. They can be tuned within a range that can reach up to 10 cm-1; there exists a variety of modulation schemes which can be used for different purposes. read more



    Fixed-power-of-20mw-&-50mw» Medium Power QCL’s

    Quantum cascade lasers are semiconductor lasers that offer peak emission in the mid-IR range (4 um to 10 um) and here the output is 20mw & 50 mw. They have gained considerable attention as a new light source for mid-IR applications such as molecular gas analysis. read more


    High-power» High Power QCL’s

    These are the highest power up to 4 W from single emitter devices commercially available QCLs and have protected IP for QCL designs and thermal management. At such high power we provide the wavelength range 3.8 μm to >12 μm. These are high performance miniature packaging. read more


  •  Laser-Safty-Goggles» Laser Safety Goggles

    We provide certified goggles for the safety of eyes specified for a range like UV, UV-VIS-NIR, IR and also for CO2 laser. Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles are used in Medical, Military, Research and Education, and Industrial laser applications.

  • Infinity Laser & Driver Series

    Very-Low-Power»Butterfly Laser Diode Module

    Butterfly laser Diode Module “INFINITY” is a complete system designed to drive butterfly laser diodes. The system has inbuilt TEC controller and butterfly laser diode targeting the applications where it is not needed to change the laser diode unless it is damaged or aged such as RAMAN or other general spectroscopy applications. It easily drives the inbuilt laser diode sinking up to 1.5A with forward voltage up to 3V.

    The system come up in three variants:

    1. OEM Module

    2. Standalone Module

    3. Advanced Standalone Module

    The standalone module comes in attractive cabinet. A potentiometer is provided on the front panel to change the laser power. The key difference between the standalone and its advanced version is the availability of USB interface in the latter. All the necessary control and monitor functions such as laser diode current, TEC current and voltage etc are availed on PC. The OEM module with very small form factor is available without display and cabinet to suit the purpose where space is a constraints. In OEM type the user need to connect external function generator or DAC/potentiometer to change the laser power  read more

    Very-Low-Power»Low Noise LDD Modul

    We offer low noise laser diode driver from current Range 0-5A with ultra precision resolution. The standalone System come up with 3.5-5” touch screen OR 4 digit seven segment display. This driver can also be operated in remote mode. The safety feature makes the system immune to any accidental changes in electrical Parameters.

    The laser parameters can be easily controlled locally from the touch Screen display i.e TEC setting, power control, internal/external Modulation selection. An onboard function generator sine, Triangular and square is available with 1KHz rep rate and can Increased upto 50KHz on user request. read more

    Very-Low-Power»High Power Laser Diode System

    We offer low noise laser diode System from current Range 0-10A with ultra precision resolution. The standalone System come up with 3.5” or higher touch screen OR 4 digit seven segment display , this System can also be operated in remote mode. The safety feature makes the system immune to any accidental changes in electrical Parameters. The system comes with DB15/DB25 interface when External laser diode is interfaced. The laser parameters can be easily controlled from the touch Screen display i.e TEC setting ,power control, internal/external Modulation selection. An onboard function generator sine, Triangular and square is available with 1KHz rep rate and can Increased upto 50KHz on user request. read more

    Very-Low-Power»High Speed PLDD (OEM)

    The INFINITY PLDD 50-100 is a small and inexpensive source for driving pulsed laser diode and generating programmable nanosecond pulses. The device is operated through PC over USB 2.0.It also operates in single shot. Compatible laser diode packages: TO-18, TO-5, TO-52, 5.6 mm, 9 mm and similar. Despite its small size, the INFINITY PLDD 50-100 is designed for ease of use. A single 15V DC supply is all which is required for operation. read more

    Very-Low-Power»High Speed PLDD Module

    More Coming Soon !!!



  • Compact Laser Sources

    Very-Low-Power»CW Lasers

    MatchBox laser modules are widely configurable and deliver high-end performance in a miniature package. Smart power electronics is installed in the same enclosure. MatchBox offers highest power density and best performance/price ratio. read more


    Very-Low-Power»Wavelength Combiners

    MatchBox combiner is an ultra-compact turn-key multicolor laser system. It utilizes a classical dichroic combining technique up to combine 4 channels for laser diodes or photodetectors into a single optical path. read more


    Very-Low-Power»Nanosecond Lasers

    Integrated Optics offer the most compact self-contained nanosecond lasers at 1029 nm and 514.5 nm, featuring high pulse energy and single-frequency operation. These nanosecond lasers are based on the famous MatchBox2 platform and compatible with all accessories. Some of the cool features include USB power and USB control, intelligent monitoring and protection, all-in-one design. read more


  • Fiber Amplifiers

    Very-Low-Power»MAKO Fiber Amplifier Series

    The MAKO Fiber Amplifier Series is an efficient, ultra-compact (97x78x15 mm³ ) and ultra-light, all-fiber OEM unit specifically designed for many applications requiring small size. This also features read more


    Very-Low-Power»SKYLINE Fiber Amplifier Series

    The SKYLINE Fiber Amplifier Series provides a combination of low noise amplification, high gain and large output power (>15W) in an efficient OEM package (200x150x43 mm³ ). The amplifiers read more


    Very-Low-Power»CYBEL BENCHTOP

    The CYBEL BENCHTOP is a user-friendly instrument suitable for manufacturing and R&D applications. The BENCHTOP has an exceptionally stable and reliable performance with turnkey operation. It offers an analog user front panel interface read more


  • Fiber Lasers

    Very-Low-Power»MAKO Fiber Laser Series

    The MAKO Fiber Laser Series is a pulsed OEM fiber laser high peak power (>5 kW) Pulses with power greater than 1W with near-Gaussian profile (M²<1.1) output beam. The MAKO pulse width (2 to 60ns) and repetition rate (10 to 4,000 kHz) are read more


    Very-Low-Power»Skyline OEM Fiber Laser Series

    The Skyline OEM Fiber Laser Series can produce nanosecond pulses with energies up to 40µJ, high peak power (>15 kW) and average output power greater than 15 W with near-diffractio read more


    Very-Low-Power»CYBEL BENCHTOP

    The CYBEL BENCHTOP is a user-friendly instrument suitable for manufacturing and R&D applications. The BENCHTOP has an exceptionally stable and reliable performance with turnkey operation. It offers an analog user front panel interf read more


  • ASE Sources


    MIR-ASE-1900 This amplified stimulated emission (ASE) Wavelength source from 1800 to 1900nm. High output power 500mW. read more



    MIR-ASE-2000 This amplified stimulated emission (ASE) Wavelength from 2000nm to 2100nm. High output power 500mW. read more