LED Solar Simulator

LED Solar Simulator

Solar Simulator provides illumination approximating the natural sunlight under controlled, repeatable laboratory or production line conditions – are used primarily for testing solar cells and modules by measuring their electrical characteristics. The effect of sunlight on paint, coatings, plastics, glass, and other materials can be Studied using this.


In SUN CONTROL option, USER can select discrete values 0.25 SUN, 0.5 SUN, 0.75 SUN and 1 SUN, respectively. The output power of the olar simulator will correspond to the type of SUN selected.

Wavelength Control

In the wavelength control section, user can individually control the wavelength output.

Bank Control

In BAND CONTROL option, USER can select the wavelength bands (350-500 nm, 500-600 nm, 600-700 nm, 700-800 nm, 800-900 nm, 900-1050 nm and white). The output of the individual band scan be varied from 0 to 100% among the bands. User can also modulate the LEDs in the wavelength band.

Sr. NoSpecificationsParameters
1Wavelength range365 mm to 1050 mm
2Illumination area10 mm diameter
3Orientation of output beamHorizontal
4Total power output1.0 Sun at a distance of 10 mm from
the surface
5A windows-based software intensity
of light in following bands
400nm-500nm, 500nm-600 nm,
800nm-900nm, 900nm-1050nm
independently as well as collectively
with variable output from 0.1 to 1 Sun
6Individual light Intensity control

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