Low Noise LDD Module

Low Noise LDD Modul

We offer low noise laser diode driver from current Range 0-5A with ultra precision resolution. The standalone System come up with 3.5-5” touch screen OR 4 digit seven segment display. This driver can also be operated in remote mode. The safety feature makes the system immune to any accidental changes in electrical Parameters.

The laser parameters can be easily controlled locally from the touch Screen display i.e TEC setting, power control, internal/external Modulation selection. An onboard function generator sine, Triangular and square is available with 1KHz rep rate and can Increased upto 50KHz on user request.

Low Noise LDD Modul


  • Output Current up to 5A
  • Extremely Low noise Laser Diode Driver
  • Controlled locally through Touch Screen GUI or Remotely over USB
  • 3-5 inch touch display or 4 digit Digital display
  • Safety features to save the laser diode and the driver from any accidental or prolonged error/mistake.
  • Supports both TYPE1 and TYPE2 butterfly laser diode.
  • Compact, Better Stability and longer life
Constant Current control mode
1Control range0 to 1.5 A(Range can be increased upto 5A on request)
2Resolution100 μA
3Drift , 24 hrs (0-10Hz)≤ 50 μA
4Compliance voltage≥ 4 V
Current limit
1Setting range1 mA to 1.5 A
2Setting resolution100 μA
Laser overvoltage protection
1Trip Voltage4.2 V
TEC control
1Control range-3 to + 3A
2Compliance voltage> 4.7 V
3Resolution, cc mode1 mA
TEC Current limit
1Setting range5 mA to 3.0 A
2Resolution1 mA
General Specifications
1Line voltage/ frequency100 to 240 V +/- 10%, 47 to 63 Hz
2Operating temperature0 to +40 deg C
3Safety featuresInterlock, Keylock Switch, Laser Current limit,
Short Circuit when Laser off, Laser Over voltage
Protection, reverse polarity protection,ESD
protection,Over Temperature Protection
4Display4 - 5 inch LCD TFT, 480x272 pixel
5Mount for laser diodeIn built mount for 14 pin Butterfly Type 1 and
Type 2 fiber coupled laser diodes
6PC Interface USB 2.0 for remote access, LabVIEW based GUI on
PC to control and monitor the driver.
7WarrantyOne year