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We offer Low Power & Highly Stable Laser source for a broad wavelength Range of Industrial, Commercial & Scientific Application. We can also offer a Complete & Customize Solution for different Application on customer request.

Safety Features:

  • • Available Wavelength: 1550nm, 1310nm, 808nm, 532 nm ,785nm, other on Request
  • • Low Noise CW emission
  • • Laser Output :Free Space/ Fiber coupler
  • • Safety features to save the laser diode and the driver from any accidental or prolonged error/mistake.
  • • Compact Size, Better Stability and longer life


  • • Remote sensing & measurement
  • • Telecommunications & datacoms
  • • Gas sensing
  • • Raman Spectroscopy & Metrology
  • • Biophotonics & Medical
  • • Industrial Application
Sl No.DescriptionValue
1Wavelengths*532nm, 785, 808nm, 1310, 1550nm
2Wavelength Tolerance+/-2 nm (or as per selected laser diode)
3Output power**Up to 350mW
4Power Stability <3%
5Mode of OperationCW
6Laser Line width/FWHM***1MHz-2 Ghz (Typ.)
7Laser Output Free space/Fiber Coupler (SMA or FCPC)
8Forward Current*** 400-1100mA
9Forward Voltage*** 2.5V
10Threshold Current*** 50-70 mA
11Monitor Current*** 40-1000 uA
12PD Dark Current***0.1 uA
13Cooling Voltage2.7 V
14Cooling Current 1.4A
15Display and pc interface(optional)2.2 inch LCD an USB 2.0 for PC interface on user request.
16Power Supply Adapter 5V/ 3A
17Operating Temperature0 to +40 deg C
18Safety features nterlock, Keylock Switch, Laser Current limit, Short Circuit
when Laser off, Laser Over Voltage Protection, reverse polarity protection, ESD
protection, Over Temperature Protection
Current Control Range0-1.2 A
TEC Control Range -1.5 + 1.5 A
Warranty One year

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