Tungsten Halogen Light Source with inbuilt LED & Sample Holder

Lumen Hal+

From visible light to infrared, that’s where the Lumen Hal light source works best.It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source with fiber connection, widely used for absorption and transmission measurements. In order to add to its capability, it has in built Single Wavelength LED which user can use for doing fluorescence studies on their liquid samples. We have range of LED to choose from which start from 265nm goes up to 1550nm Thus,to cover wide range of Applications, New Age offers a solution LumenHal+, which is a combination of Halogen Light source,LED source & cuvette Holder in one compact platform.

Lumen Hal+


  • Absorption Measurement
  • Transmission measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Reflection Measurement

Salient Features

  • Halogen Light source, LED& Sample holder in one System
  • High Output Power
  • Range of LED wavelength to choose from 265nm to 1550 nm for fluorescence studies
  • Provision to couple User provided Laser/LED for additional studies
Sl NoParameterSpecification
LED Light Source
1Available Wavelengths(nm)*265,280,310,350,365,380,405,450,510,525,590,
2Wavelength Tolerance**±10 nm
4Output Power (mW)**10uW to 350mWatt
Halogen light Source
5Wavelength Range350-2700 nm
6Bulb Life1000 hour
7Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc)12V
Inbuilt Sample Holder for liquid, Solid & Thin Film
8Fiber ConnectionSMA
9Inbuilt Cuvette Holder for Liquid samples and slot for Filter testing of size up to 1”
10Additional Port for External SourceYes
11External triggerOptional
12Operating Temperature0°C ~ 45°C
14Dimension~155 mm (L) x ~80mm (W) x ~154mm (H)
15Warranty1 Year
* User have to Specify the wavelength of the LED at the time of order.
** Depends on the LED Wavelength