Lumen Light Source Series

  • » Multi Channel LED

    LUMEN Light Source and LCx Driver are designed as an illumination source. A wide range of Wavelength to choose from Deep UV to till Far IR and Multi-Channel LED driver (4/8/10/12 Channel) make complete unit user friendly. User has freedom to select source power, internal delay, time of illumination, Model of operation, Modulation through touch panel.


    • Microscopy
    • Spectroscopy
    • Photo catalysis
    • Medical imaging
    • Semiconductor equipment
    • Medical instruments
    • Machine vision

    Salient Features

    • User friendly on board GUI and PC software
    • User can control Power, frequency, duty cycle of each channel separately
    • Provision for Collimated output as well as fiber coupled output
    • Compact, Better Stability and longer life

    Sl No ParameterSpecification
    LED Light Source, Model : LUMEN LED
    1Available Wavelengths(nm)* 265,280,310,350,365,380,405,450,510,525,590,660,730,808,850,940,1050,
    1310,1550,3300,3900,4300, 2700K,3600K,5700K,6500K
    2Wavelength Tolerance**±10 nm
    4Output Power (mW)**10uW to 100uW for fiber coupled wavelength dependent
    5LED OutputCollimated/Fiber Coupled
    7Dimension (mm)~120 (L) x ~80 (W) x ~45 (H)
    MultiChannel LED Controller, Model: LUMEN LCx
    1Display7 inch touch screen Display
    2Number of Channel12/10/8/4

    3Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc)20V
    4Maximum Output Voltage (Vmax)***3.8V
    5Maximum Per Channel Output Current (Imax)***1,400mA
    6Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0
    7Operation Modes1.Internal Power control CW operation
    2.Programmable frequency and Duty Cycle for on/off Modulation
    8LED Power Range0-100 %( steps of 25% or used defined)
    10Pulse Width Modulation & Duty CycleUser definable up to 1000Hz & Up to 100% (Steps of 25%)
    11LED SelectionUser definable
    12SoftwareUser friendly application software with GUI
    13Operating Temperature Range0°C ~ 45°C
    14Operation1. Individual
    2. Simultaneously 12/10/8/4 Leds
    15External triggerYes
    16Weight <2 Kg,
    17Dimension~175 mm (L) x ~220mm (W) x ~144mm (H)
    18Warranty1 Year
    * Other wavelengths are also available
    **Depends on the wavelength
    ***Depends on the operating Voltage and Current
    ****Especially design Collimator can also be provided for collimated
    *****Housing shown in figure are for illustration purpose

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  • » Excimer Lamp Module

    Excimer systems use a UV cleaning process referred to as Dry Cleaning. This process destroys and removes organic compounds with minimum impact on the process stream. This is superior to wet cleaning as it does not produce toxic liquids. Excimer destruction of organic compounds takes place when contaminant molecules (e.g.photoresists, resins, human skin oils, cleaning solvent residues, silicone oils, soldering flux etc.) are broken down to simple non­toxic volatile molecular fragments by the action of vacuum ultraviolet light.


    • Optical surface cleaning
    • Disinfection & removal of contaminants such as dust
    • Curing and polymerization
    • Biological modification of gases, liquids, and solids
    • Pre-treatment for coating of composite materials
    • Surface modification of resin

    Salient Features

    • Using the contact angle method it can be seen that 172 nm Excimer light rapidly removes contamination from glass surfaces in 30 seconds or less.
    • The strong dependence on distance to the sample results from the large absorbance of O2 at172 nm.
      This effect can be minimized by using a gas mixture with a smaller O2 fraction than air. We recommend a distance within 5 mm.
    • All ­in ­one light source built into the irradiation box .
    • High safety design system
    • Operate with AC100 V to AC240 V power supply.

    S. No.
    ParameterLUMEN EX         |        LUMEN EX-Mini
    1Emission wavelength
    2Irradiance typ.
    3Irradiation area (W X H )
    400 mm × 38 mm / 86 mm X 40 mm
    4Cooling methodForced-air cooling
    5Lamp design life2000 Hrs
    6Input Voltage (AC)200 V to 240 V , single phase 50Hz / 60Hz
    7Power consumption (Typical)
    320 VA | 150 VA
    8Operating / storage temperaturerange
    +5 0C to +35 0C / -25 0C to +55 0C
    9Operating / storage humidity range
    30 % to 80% / below 80% (no condensation)
    10Control method
    Panel control / external control
    11Light Tight Sample HousingInbuilt
    12No of Ports≥ Communication Ports : 1 (RS-232C)
    ≥ External Control Ports : 1 (D-SUB15-PIN)
    13Weight of Lamp with Housing< 11 Kg , (Power Supply: < 12.5Kg) | < 5 Kg
    14Dimensions (W x H x D) of Lamp & Housing< 750 mm x 180 mm x 120 mm | < 150 mm x 275 mm x 250mm
    15Material of Sample HousingAluminum / Stainless Steel
    16Dimension of Sample Housing*1000 mm (L) x 200 mm (W) x 200 mm ( H) ± 10% | 500 mm (L) x 300 mm (W)x 200 mm ( H) ± 10%

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  • » LED Cluster with Controller

    New age instruments provides ready-to-use high-power LED light sources with integrated heat sinks and collecting optics (optional). Compact high-power light sources are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. The mechanical housing of light source contain multiple mounting features for lab and OEM application. It can be controlled through software and hardware (User defined).


    • Microscopy
    • Photo catalysis
    • Medical imaging
    • Semiconductor equipment
    • Medical instruments
    • Machine vision

    Salient Features

    • User can control Power, frequency, duty cycle
    • High Power Collimated and Fiber coupled output
    • Compact, Better Stability and longer life

    Sl NoParameterSpecification
    LED Cluster, Model : LUMEN LED CL-xxxx
    1Available Wavelengths(nm)*365,405,450,510,525,590,660,730,808,850,940,1050
    2Wavelength Tolerance**±10 nm
    4Output Power (mW)**20mW to 5 Watt
    5LED OutputCollimated/Fiber Coupled
    7Dimension~78 mm (L) x ~60mm (W) x ~60mm (H)
    8coolingForce Cooling/TEC
    LED Cluster Controller, Model: LUMEN CL Controller
    1Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc)18V
    2Maximum Output Voltage (Vmax)***3.8V
    3Maximum Output Current (Imax)***1,400mA
    6LED Power Range0-100 % (through Knob )
    7Operation Modes1.CW
    8Pulse Width Modulation & Duty CycleUser defined step through Knob
    9Operating Temperature Range0°C ~ 45°C
    10External triggerOptional
    12Dimension~120mm (L) x ~80mm (W) x ~85mm (H)
    13Warranty1 Year
    * Other wavelengths are also available
    **depends on the wavelength
    ***depends on the operating Voltage and Current

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  • » Lumen Hal

    From visible light to infrared, that’s where the Lumen Hal light source works best.It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source with fiber connection, widely used for absorption and transmission measurements.


    • Absorption Measurement
    • Transmission measurement
    • Reflection Measurement

    Salient Features

    • High Output Power
    • Wavelength Range to choose from 350nm to 2200 nm
    • Provision to integrated Filter Holder
    • Shutter Providing

    Sl No
    Parameter Specification
    Halogen light Source
    1 Wavelength Range
    350-2200 nm
    Source Tungsten Halogen
    3 Bulb Power
    Up to 7W
    4 Output Power Up to 10mW
    Pulse Power 2700K, 2800K, 3000K, 3200K
    Shutter Provided
    Bulb Life 1000 hour
    Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc) 12V
    Fiber Connection SMA 905/FC/PC
    Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C
    Weight <750gm
    Dimension ~155 mm (L) x ~80mm (W) x ~154mm
    Warranty 1 Year
    Note: All required Manual Cables, Accessories Power Supply will be Supplied.

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  • » Lumen Hal+

    From visible light to infrared, that’s where the Lumen Hal light source works best.It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source with fiber connection, widely used for absorption and transmission measurements. In order to add to its capability, it has in built Single Wavelength LED which user can use for doing fluorescence studies on their liquid samples. We have range of LED to choose from which start from 265nm goes up to 1550nm Thus,to cover wide range of Applications, New Age offers a solution LumenHal+, which is a combination of Halogen Light source,LED source & cuvette Holder in one compact platform.


    • Absorption Measurement
    • Transmission measurement
    • Fluorescence measurement
    • Reflection Measurement

    Salient Features

    • Halogen Light source, LED& Sample holder in one System
    • High Output Power
    • Range of LED wavelength to choose from 265nm to 1550 nm for fluorescence studies
    • Provision to couple User provided Laser/LED for additional studies

    Sl NoParameterSpecification
    LED Light Source
    1Available Wavelengths(nm)*265,280,310,350,365,380,405,450,510,525,590,
    2Wavelength Tolerance**±10 nm
    4Output Power (mW)**10uW to 350mWatt
    Halogen light Source
    5Wavelength Range350-2700 nm
    6Bulb Life1000 hour
    7Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc)12V
    Inbuilt Sample Holder for liquid, Solid & Thin Film
    8Fiber ConnectionSMA
    9Inbuilt Cuvette Holder for Liquid samples and slot for Filter testing of size up to 1”
    10Additional Port for External SourceYes
    11External triggerOptional
    12Operating Temperature0°C ~ 45°C
    14Dimension~155 mm (L) x ~80mm (W) x ~154mm (H)
    15Warranty1 Year
    * User have to Specify the wavelength of the LED at the time of order.
    ** Depends on the LED Wavelength

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  • » Xenon Flash Lamp Module (Portable)

    More Coming Soon!


    • Blood analyzers
    • Laboratory testing
    • Air pollution analysis
    • Water quality and pollution analysis
    • Microplate readers
    • Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
    • Semiconductor inspections
    • Light source for image processing

    Arc Size1.5-3.0 mm
    Window materialUV glass
    Emission wavelength range185 to 200 nm
    Main discharge voltage variable range400 to 600 V
    Main discharge capacitor0.22 / 0.11 / 0.047 / 0.28 µF
    Maximum input energy (per flash)See Operating Conditions
    Maximum average input (continuous)5 W
    Light output stability (Max.)2.0 - 1.5 %CV
    Guranteed life1 x 109 flashes
    Input voltage range11 to 28 V
    Input current1 A
    Inrush current4 A
    Trigger inputRectangular wave 5 V to 10 V pulse width must be 10 µs or more
    Trigger input impedance330 Ω
    Cooling methodNot required
    Weight (standard type)Approx. 155 g
    Operating temperature range0 to +40 ˚C
    Storage temperature range-40 to +40 ˚C

    Technical Brochure

  • » Fiber Optic Cable

    • Core Diameter: 1500μm, 1000μm, 800μm, 600μm, 400μm, 200μm,100um
    • Length: 2 meter / 1 meter
    • SMA/FCPC
    • Wavelength: 200-2500nm
    • Metal Jacketing

    » Multi-Furcated Fiber-Optic Cabels

    • Core Diameter: 600μm, 400μm, 200μm, 100um
    • Furcation: 4//5/6/8/10/12 : 1
    • Splitting Point: at the Middle with SMA/FCPC Connector
    • Wavelength: 200-2500nm
    • Metal Jacketing

    » Fiber Combiner

    • Wavelength: 200-2500nm
    • Spectral sampling attachment
    • Collimation and focusing
    • SMA/FCPC

    » Collimating Lens

    • Lens Diameter:6mm, 25mm
    • Lens focal length: 8.7mm, 50mm, 100mm
    • Wavelength range: 200-2500nm
    • Fiber Connection: SMA or FCPC

    » Fiber Optic Attenuator

    • Connector: SMA at both end
    • Intensity attenuation up to 0 to 100% through knob Manually
    • Slot to hold 12.5 mm filter and Material: Aluminum
    • Provision to mount over the breadboard
    • Included with Collimating lens at both end to increase the coupling Efficiency

    » Beam Expander

    • Expansion power: 2X, 5X, 10X
    • Coating: NIR II Range, Visible Range
    • Entrance aperture: ≥2.5mm
    • Exit aperture: ≥10mm
    • Substrate: Optical glass
    • Angle of Incidence (°): 0
    • Transmission: >96%
    • Mounting threads in housing: M22x0.75