Multi Channel LED with Controller

Multi Channel LED

LUMEN Light Source and LCx Driver are designed as an illumination source. A wide range of Wavelength to choose from Deep UV to till Far IR and Multi-Channel LED driver (4 /8 Channel) make complete unit user friendly. User has freedom to select source power, internal delay, time of illumination, Model of operation, Modulation through touch panel.

Multi Channel LED


  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Photo catalysis
  • Medical imaging
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Medical instruments
  • Machine vision

Salient Features

  • User friendly on board GUI and PC software
  • User can control Power, frequency, duty cycle of each channel separately
  • Provision for Collimated output as well as fiber coupled output
  • Compact, Better Stability and longer life
Sl No ParameterSpecification
LED Light Source, Model : LUMEN LED
1Available Wavelengths(nm)* 265,280,310,350,365,380,405,450,510,525,590,660,730,808,850,940,1050,
1310,1550,3300,3900,4300, 2700K,3600K,5700K,6500K
2Wavelength Tolerance**±10 nm
4Output Power (mW)**10uW to 100uW for fiber coupled wavelength dependent
5LED OutputCollimated/Fiber Coupled
7Dimension (mm)~120 (L) x ~80 (W) x ~45 (H)
MultiChannel LED Controller, Model: LUMEN LCx
1Display7 inch touch screen Display
2Number of Channel12/10/8/4

3Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc)20V
4Maximum Output Voltage (Vmax)***3.8V
5Maximum Per Channel Output Current (Imax)***1,400mA
6Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0
7Operation Modes1.Internal Power control CW operation
2.Programmable frequency and Duty Cycle for on/off Modulation
8LED Power Range0-100 %( steps of 25% or used defined)
10Pulse Width Modulation & Duty CycleUser definable up to 1000Hz & Up to 100% (Steps of 25%)
11LED SelectionUser definable
12SoftwareUser friendly application software with GUI
13Operating Temperature Range0°C ~ 45°C
14Operation1. Individual
2. Simultaneously 12/10/8/4 Leds
15External triggerYes
16Weight <2 Kg,
17Dimension~175 mm (L) x ~220mm (W) x ~144mm (H)
18Warranty1 Year
* Other wavelengths are also available
**Depends on the wavelength
***Depends on the operating Voltage and Current
****Especially design Collimator can also be provided for collimated
*****Housing shown in figure are for illustration purpose