Our Partner

We at New Age understand how importance is selecting right equipment and tools to perform any experiment or application. That’s the reason we work hard to source them from around the world to ensure we deliver the most reliable Sensors, Lasers, Spectroscopy, Laser diagnostics, Optics, Optomechnicals and Optics metrology tools.

New Age since its start has partnered with world best photonics companies to provide latest technology product to Indian scientific and Industrial community.

Our technology oriented overseas partners are always encouraging us to adopt a value added approach so that user can get maximum out of their products instead of just reseller experience.

We at New Age since our inception working with a sole blueprint which is ” Partnership” with researchers, with organizations and with our overseas partners so that we can expedite the revamping of new technologies, ideas and experimental techniques. These solid partnerships has always energies us to lift the bar higher a bit for us every time so that we provide exceptionally distinctive support to our partners at each stage of development and we should always be ready with the support they need through applications, products that we source from our overseas partners or develop in house here in India.

Class-II local supplier – has local content more than 20% but less than 50%.