PSD Module

Position Sensing Detector Module

PSD Module contains a high-precision two-dimensional PSD (position sensitive detector) and a low-noise amplifier, and is able to perform accurate Position measurement. Using a PSD module with a dedicated signal processing unit allows obtaining distance information easily.

PSD Module


  • Optical position and angle sensingy
  • Remote optical control systems
  • Automatic range finder systems
  • Laser beam alignment
  • Medical equipment

Salient Features

  • High position resolution
  • Wide spectral response range
  • Adjustable gain
  • Simultaneous measurement of position and intensity
  • Positions is measured independent of light-spot size
Sl NoParameterSpecification
2Active Area12 mm x 12 mm
3Spectral range320 nm - 1060 nm
4Peak sensitivity wavelength (λp )920 nm
5Trigger Update rate:115 K sample/sec
6Data Resolution16 Bit ADC
7Peak Sensitivity (S) (When λ = λp )-60 mV/µW
8.Max i/p optical power (When λ = λp )167 µW
9Dimension (L x B x H)60 mm x 80 mm x 60
10Weight300 g