Radiation Measurement & Detection Instruments

Detect, localize, identify, and measure radioactivity in any scenario

From routine monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, Thermo Scientific™ advanced, integrated radiation measurement and detection devices mitigate radioactive threats and keep you safe. Our radiation detectors and measurement devices provide real-time monitoring, early warning, and comprehensive information of low to extreme quantity of alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray and neutron radiation in the palm of your hand, in the work place, and in your neighborhood.

Featured radiation detection and radiation measurement categories

Portable Radiation Measuring Instruments

From first responders dealing with radiation emergencies to environmental monitoring and remediation personnel, Thermo Scientific handheld radiation detectors and alpha, beta, and gamma probes detect, locate, and identify radioactive nuclide and other ionizing radiations in any scenario

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Dosimetry & Personal Radiation Monitoring

Protect personnel closest to the radiation source. Thermo Scientific personal dosimeter solutions quickly and effectively measure whole body radiation and communicate low to extremity dosage of ionizing radiation in any environment

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Nuclear Radiation Detection and Monitoring

Thermo Scientific instruments and services are designed to deliver the latest advancements in nuclear radiation detection technology,  and help you optimize safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance

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Radiation Detection for Decommissioning

Decommissioning projects come in a wide range of sizes and varying levels of complexity. We offers advanced, integrated radiation detection and radioactivity measurement instruments to help mitigate the threat and keep workers, and the public, safe

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Radiation Monitoring Solutions for Hospitals

We offer a wide range of contamination survey meters, area monitors, and dosimeters for Radiation Safety Officers to keep track of critical Radiation Controlled Areas (RCA) that require radiation monitoring

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CBRNE and Dirty Bomb Detection Devices – Radiation Security

We are constantly advancing CBRNE and bomb detection technology to protect against the threat of radiation and radioactive material. From mobile detection devices to mobile and portal detection monitors, we have a solution for any scenario

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Integrated Radiation Measurement Solutions

Meet multiple radiation protection objectives in one integrated solution. We offer comprehensive, customizable real-time radiation monitoring systems and radiation measuring instruments to protect personnel, critical infrastructure, and surrounding areas

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Radiation Contamination & Environmental Monitoring

Provide early warning of airborne radiation, clear personnel quickly in radiation controlled areas, and detect radiation contamination at critical infrastructure with a variety of Thermo Scientific radiation measurement solutions

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Radiation Measurement Portals & Monitors

Detect illicit nuclear materials inside packages or cargo at airports, seaports, borders, government buildings, food storage and handling facilities, transportation stations, couriers and freight companies with Thermo Scientific radiation measuring instruments

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Neutron Generators

Non-X-ray–emitting Thermo Scientific neutron generators are used for applications requiring neutron activation analysis of major, minor, trace, and rare elements

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Neutron Flux Monitors

Achieve peace of mind from higher reliability, lower maintenance costs, better accuracy, and the satisfaction of all pertinent regulatory guides with our rugged, field-proven neutron flux monitoring systems

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X-Ray Sources

Achieve high-resolution, high-contrast 2D and 3D images for automated and manual PCB inspections and non-destructive testing with Thermo Scientific microfocus X-ray sources

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