Solar PV & LED Test Systems

Solar-simulator» Solar Simulator

4D has redefined the applications and environments that can benefit from the speed and resolution of laser interferometers and optical profilers. Dynamic Interferometry, the technology behind optical metrology products, ensures excellent performance in difficult environments, without vibration isolation or extensive air turbulence control. read more



Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE series are advanced models built by Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. These system have advantages over reflectometers due to its capability to acquire more set of polarization information at different incident angles spectroscopically. User can select two different data acquisition mode, scanning wavelength by wavelength detecting mode or array based fast detecting mode. read more


CPM System


PL-system» PL System

Our system can measure film thickness and refractive index up to 5 layers. It uses Windows based software, so most people are already familiar with the look and feel of the operating system. Mapping up to 300mm and 200mm wafer size are our standard configuration. For wavelength range coverage, both DUV-Visible(SRM100) and Visible range(SRM300) are avalaible. read more



PL-EL-Measurement-System-includes» PL/EL Measurement System includes

Acoustic Enclosures and Precision Structures are specifically designed to isolate acoustic noise down to low frequencies ideal for SPMs, interferometers and other metrology instruments. read more



Failure-Analysis-system» Failure Analysis System

Electro-Damp is the first commercial active vibration cancellation system designed specifically to increase throughput, resolution, and yield in semiconductor manufacturing applications. For the vast majority of applications the Gimbal Piston Isolator provides outstanding horizontal and vertical vibration isolation as well as excellent damping. read more