Spectroscopy & Opto Electronics Instruments

  • Spectrometer-&-accessories» Spectrometer & AccessoriesAvantes provides various spectrometers for spectroscopy. Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the UV-, VIS-, NIR- and IR-region. Spectroscopic measurements are being used in many different applications, such as color measurement, concentration determination of chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analysis.  read more 

  • Monochromator,-spectrograph-&-accessories» Monochromator, Spectrograph & Accessorieszolix provide single channel or double channel monochrometer/spectrograph depending upon the applications. These are used where applications require medium to high spectroscopic resolution with excellent stray light performance such as fluorescence, Raman, absorption, transmission or source characterization measurements. read more

  • Hyper-Spectral-Imaging-System» Hyper Spectral Imaging SystemHyperspectral imaging provides the highest color resolution available for
    automating food sorting and processing.
    • Fruit and Vegetable Quality Assurance: moisture, sugar acidity, mechanical
    injury, bruising, metamorphism, residual bone sorting.
    • Hyperspectral Sorting: Fruit and vegetable color, shape, size.
    • Pesticide residues qualitative analysis.
    • Batch of foreign body detection.
    • Garbage sorting. read more 

  • » LCOS-SLM (Optical Phase Modulator)The LCOS-SLM (Liquid Crystal on Silicon-Spatial Light Modulator) is a reflection type spatial light modulator that freely modulates the light phase as needed.The ability to accurately control the light wave front makes the LCOS-SLM ideal for applications such as optical beam pattern forming and aberration correction. The LCOS-SLM is the ideal partner for a wide range of applications that include laser processing, laser marking, fundus imaging by corrective optics, optical tweezers utilizing optical manipulation techniques, femtosecond laser pulse shaping, and a host of other fields. read more

  • Absoption,reflection,transmission,fluorescence,LIBS» Absoption,reflection,transmission,fluorescence,LIBS Avantes spectrometers are used for detection with high sensitivity. These can be used for absorption, reflection, LIBS etc. Furthermore a number of measurement setups have been listed. Plasma, solar spectrum, Fluorescence and Absorbance measurements are just some of the many possibilities. But the Avantes Spectrometers can be used in many more applications. read more

  • THZ-spectroscopy» THZ spectroscopyTHz radiation is a fast growing area of research due to its non-ionising nature and transparency to many materials. Combined with time domain spectroscopy, it can provide information on the samples effect on amplitude and phase of the radiation, thereby providing more information than other spectroscopic techniques. So laser quantum provides two systems HASSP-Thz, Tera-SED. read more

  • Transient-absorption-spectrometer» Transient Absorption SpectrometerThis type of spectrometer is applied in femtosecond or picosecond pump – probe spectroscopy for sensitive measurements of photo-induced absorbance (optical density) changes. A CCD linear sensor is placed behind an imaging spectrograph to measure simultaneously the intensities for multiple wave-lengths of the probe pulses, originating from a femtosecond white light (continuum) generator. These produces spectral and kinetic data with excellent quality, needed for investigations of photo induced phenomena with femtosecond investigations time resolution. read more 
  • Fluorescence-lifetime-transient-absorption-analysis-systems» Fluorescence lifetime/transient absorption analysis systemsThese are used for the Measurement of multispectral kinetic changes at high sensitivity and high time resolution. Quantaurus-Tau, Picosecond, Compact NIR photoluminescence etc are the systems used for fluorescence lifetime/transient absorption analysis. read more
  • Luminescence-efficiency-measurement-systems» Luminescence efficiency measurement systems Quantaurus-QY Plus UV-NIR, External quantum efficiency measurement systems etc are the system used for luminescence efficiency measurement. read more

  • Optical-chopper» Optical chopperOptical choppers are a mechanical method of repetitively switching light beams on and off. They consist of a slotted rotating disc through which the light beam passes producing the chopping action. read more

  • Lock-in-amplifier» Lock In AmplifierAnfatec’s lockin amplifiers use a unique DSP technology which is only found in these instruments.
    The amazingly high speed of real-time data processing combined with optimized analogue input stages enables us, to provide fully digitally designed high quality filtering in multi-functional devices. read more

  • Zurich-Instruments» Zurich Instruments Zurich Instruments provides scientific instruments that integrate the finest analog front-ends with fast and sophisticated digital signal processors. LabOne, the most innovative test and measurement software, provides an outstanding toolset and allows for platform independent and intuitive instrument control.All instruments on offer are based on one of the following three instrument platforms. The MF Series offers frequency ranges from DC up to 500 kHz and 5 MHz. The HF2 Series covers all frequencies from DC to 50 MHz and our flagship instruments, the UHF Series measures from DC all the way to 600 MHz. read more