Thermal Imaging Camera


  • camraThermal Imaging Camera NATI-2028

    NATI-2028 is the thermal imaging camera designed for the fire fighting industry. It has a 384 x 288 IR detector which gives the end-user advance level images and video for detailed analysis. This model has two temperature strips one is static to be used for reference and the other is used to indicate a sudden change in the temperature. This thermal imager is ergonomic, made from heat resistance materials, real-time operation and has IP67 encapsulation meaning it is waterproof and dustproof.


    • – 384×288 IR detector
    • – Long Battery Life of 5 hours
    • – Fixed Central Spot measurement
    • – High Frame Rate – IP67 Encapsulation
     Image Performance
    1Detector type UFPA
    2Resolution 384X288
    3FOV 52°X39°
    4Spatial resolution 2.4mrad
    5Thermal sensitivity(N.E.T.D) ≤0.05°C@30°C
    6Focus FIXED
    7Minimum focusing distance 0.5m
    8Spectral range 8-14µm
    9Electronic magnification 1x-4x
    Image Presentation
    11Display Type High Temperature Resistance 3.5’ TFT LCD Display
    12Image Mode Basic Mode/ Enhanced Mode
    13Video output NTSC(60Hz) or PAL(50Hz)
    14Video format MPEG(thermal/Visual)
    15Image format JPG(thermal/Visual)
    Image Storage
    Built-in storage (Flash Memory or 16GB SD card
    Temperature Measurement
    17Measurement range-20°C~+250°C, up to +1000°C (optional)
    ±2°C or 2% of readings
    18Measurement accuracyLow-sensitive(+250°C ~ +1000°C):
    ±10°C or 10% of readings
    19Measurement mode Auto hot/cold capture spot, Center point measurement
    20Alarm YES
    Battery System
    21Battery type
    High-temperature explosion proof 3.7V rechargeable
    Lithium-ion battery
    22Battery operating time>5 hours
    23Recharging time 2 hours
    24Low Power Indicator Yes
    Environment Specification
    25Operating temperature range Long time to work:- 20°C to +55°C
    Short time to work:- 55°C to +260°C
    26Encapsulation IP67
    27Humidity 10%~95% non-condensing
    28Shock resistance 25G
    29Vibration resistance2G
    30Water resistanceUnder 1 meter, work 30 mintutes
    Physical Characteristics
    31Camera weight <1.5kg(with battery)
    32Camrea size(LxWxH)≤240 mm X 109 mm X 140 mm
    33Ports Composite port (Recharging, Data, Video Output)
    34Laser pointer
    Please be aware specification can be changed without notice.

    Technical Brochure