UV-Blaster ™ Air Sanitizer

UV Blaster Air Sanitizer / Sterilizer / Purifier

Standard air purifier systems depend on HEPA filters to trap dust and other particles .UV BLASTER uses state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology to keep viruses and other microorganisms from reproducing and infecting a home, office, or other indoor space. UV Blaster air purification system combines a UV lamp with a traditional filter in order to maximize both the removal of particulate matter from the air and the killing of germs and bacteria.

  • While standard purifiers may do a great job, most have one huge demerit- the noise. UV Blaster insures peace of mind and health.
  • Our HEPA filter will trap 99.97% of particulates . The Activated Carbon Filter and the Charcoal Filter are made of granules ensuring much higher absorption of gases and bacteria.
  • Respiratory viruses are responsible for more deaths globally than any other infectious agent. In the RESEARCH PAPER issued by Centre for Biological Sciences, UK .
  • It has been stated that hydroxyl radical generation may be important in the inactivation of corona viruses.

UV-Blaster ™ Air Sanitizer
UV Blaster Test Report


  • Nursing Homes, Clinic
  • Passenger Flight, Bus, Train & Metro
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Physicians Offices, Ambulance
  • Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms
  • Testing laboratories, Operation Theater
  • Ventilator Clinics & Kennels
  • Airport, Metro Station & Banks
  • Schools – Classrooms, Food Processing
  • Detentions Centers, Homeless Shelters
  • Shopping Complex, Movie Theaters
  • Hotels Rooms & Lockers Rooms

Total UV Output7 Watts14 Watts
Area Coverage300 sq. ft.500 sq. ft.
UV Tube2 Nos4 Nos
Tube Power
11 Watts11 Watts
Lamp Life9000 Hours9000 Hours
Noise40 dB60 dB
Dimensions (Inches)12 X 12 X 2412 X 12 X 29
Weight≥ 15Kg≥ 20 Kg