UV-Blaster ™ Box

UV Blaster Box ™

UV lamps are optimally placed to eliminate blind spots and corners.

The operator is protected from UV radiation by safety controls to ensure that lamps cannot be activated until the cabinet door is securely closed.

Given system has provision to completely disinfect the laptop in open condition.

UV-Blaster ™ Box
UV Blaster Test Report


  • Papers & Files
  • Grocery Items
  • Clothes & Textiles
  • Educational Material
  • Plastic & Metals
  • Jewelry & Ornaments
  • Mechanical tools
  • Electronics Device
  • Medical Tools
  • Beauty Tools

Operating Voltage230VAC230VAC
UVC Tube3 UVC Tube & 1 Hydroxyl Radical Tube4 UVC Tube
Power11 Watts11 Watts
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz
LampUV-C & HydroxylUV-C
Wavelength254 nm Peak254 nm Peak
Body MaterialPowder Coated MS
Powder Coated MS
Safety Limit Switch at DoorLimit Switch at Door
Outer Dimension (mm)L 570 X W 465 X H 430L 570 X W 465 X H 430
Capacity70 Ltrs.105 Ltrs.
Weight ≤ 12 Kg≤ 15 Kg