UV-Blaster ™ Robo Outdoor

UV Blaster Robo Outdoor

The UV Blaster Robo is useful for disinfection of highly touch surfaces like electronic equipment’s, computers, furniture’s and other gadgets in laboratories and offices that are not suitable for chemical disinfection method. The product is effective for hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, metros, factories. This product is not designed for human disinfection.

UV-Blaster is based on DRDO Technology which is engineered & manufactured by New Age Instruments and Materials Private Limited, Gurugram.

SL No. ParameterSpecification
1Total Power288 W
2Operating Wavelength254 nm
3Lamp length900 mm
4Total UV lamps8 Nos.
5Power of each UV lamp36 W
6Effective redial distance of UV lightUpto 12 feet with UV dose of 30 mj/cm²
7Disinfection coverage area450 square feet area within 8 minutes
8MobilityRobotic mobility control by remote
9OperationThe system is operated Remote Control having operational range of 15 meters
10Operating Temperature10-45 °C
11Operating humidity< 65
12Tube life9000 hrs.
13Operating Voltage220V AC
14Weight< 50 Kg