UV-Blaster ™ Tube

UV Blaster Tube

Disinfector with Motion Sensor can be installed almost anywhere on Walls, Doors, Bathroom, Toilets, Record Rooms, Libraries, Kitchens, Corridors, Factories, Laboratories, Cold Storage’s, Production Areas, Hospitals, Waiting Areas, Schools etc.

UV Blaster Tube Disinfector can improve the air quality of your home. It is capable of removing biological pollutants, increasing the quality of indoor air

UV Blaster tube equipped with smart sensor technology that can sense the motion and shuts down immediately to provide safety to human if someone accidentally enters the room where disinfection is running. Sensor has 5 meters motion detection range. UV Blaster Tube should always be used in an unoccupied rooms for disinfection.

Its a great tool to disinfect your house/office. It uses short wavelength UV-C light to eliminate micro-organisms that are present in the environment. The lamp is capable of disrupting the growth of bacteria/viruses by damaging DNA of the microorganisms.
Another reason for buying UV Blaster Tube : World-wide studies has shown that UVC based disinfection do not requires any spray of chemicals for disinfection. Its silently do the disinfection on all surfaces which directly exposed to UVC rays like walls, Surfaces, objects inside room ensuring and provide you a 99.9% disinfection and clean air.
We all know that UV lights can be dangerous for living things hence we should not be expose to them. Smart sensors inbuilt in UV Blaster Tube ensures that whenever it see any motion it safely shuts down the UVC emission and protect from UVC exposure.
UV Blaster Tube is equipped with wireless remote control which allows you to control the UVC light without entering the room, plus it also has motion sensor for enhanced safety. This makes it the safest UVC disinfector on the market
UV-Blaster ™ Tube
UV Blaster Test Report


  • Nursing Homes, Clinic
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms
  • Testing Laboratories, Operation Theater
  • Ventilator Clinics & Kennels
  • Schools-Classrooms, Food Processing
  • Hotel Rooms, Lockers Rooms & Restaurant

Sl No.
36/130 Watts
2UV Source
1 tube
3Lamp Life
9,000 Hours
4UV Wavelength
254 nm
≤ 3 Kg
900/1554 mm
7RemoteOptional (Either Wi-fi or RF)
8Motion SensorOptional